We offer delivery to a wide range of local & international destinations. A complimentary gift wrapping service will be included with your purchase, except during sale periods.

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GREECE Standard Delivery – 6 euros

In-stock items are dispatched within 1 working day. Please allow 2 to 5 days for the goods to arrive. Deliveries are made within working hours and require a signature. For this reason, you may like to nominate a secure delivery address where someone is available to sign.

For orders above €100 euros delivery cost is Free

Intenational Delivery 
Please note that customers outside of the European Union will be liable for any import duty or other taxes, fees and charges that are applied by customs or other authorities in the country of receipt. If you are unsure about whether these duties, taxes and charges might apply to your order, you should contact your local tax or customs authorities..

International delivery times vary depending on destination.

The table below indicates the delivery cost:




EU  €10

Europe - Non EU  €16

America  €20

Australia  €25


All reDO products are covered by a one year warranty. We hope that you will be 100% satisfied with your item, however if there is a problem or a fault, please email photos of the entire product as well as the detail of the repair/fault to

Although not all of our bags can be repaired, we will always carefully assess each bag and advise you what can be done to rectify things.

The original proof of purchase will be required if your bag is still within the warranty period i.e. bank statement if original receipt has been mislaid.  If your product was purchased from one of our stockists you must contact them directly.

If your item is still within warranty we will endeavour in the first case to provide you with a replacement. However if this is not possible we will look to provide a repair free of charge.

If your item is outside the one year warranty and can be repaired, you will be contacted by us with a quote for the work and asked if you wish to proceed. The cost will depend on the age of the bag and the nature of the repair.

Although the repair will be carried out to the best of our ability, there may be some colour or leather variation depending on the style and age of the bag, and sometimes it will not be possible to repair an older bag.

Please note we will not accept repairs dropped off at the shops without being notified by email first. Please also be aware that repairs can take 2-4 weeks from us receiving the bag.

Care of Bags

Bags cannot be washed or dry-cleaned because of the leather parts, but can be sponged gently with a soap-free damp cloth. Always allow the item to dry thoroughly after use, in a cool, airy environment. Never pack away damp

About Cork Fabric

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. It's an unique and very special raw material.

Cork's ability to retain CO2 hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions makes of this natural wonder one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable natural resource.

Cork is a 100% sustainable product. To harvest the cork no tree needs to fall! The harvesting is done by specialized professionals and the tree is not damaged during the process. In the following 9 years after each harvesting the cork oak will regenerate its bark and the cork will acquire a smoother texture. Considering the life of an oak tree is on average 200 years, each tree can be harvested around 17 times.

Some of cork's characteristics are:

  • It is really light!

  • It is water proof!

  • It is wear resistant!

 It is soft to touch and unique!


How can I clean my cork fabric bag?

Cork fabric is naturally water-resistant. So most likely you will not have to clean the cork bag very often. However, in the event you have to do it use a soft wash cloth and warm water and just wipe it down. If you need a bit more cleaning add a few drops of moisture free dish detergent. After a gentle rinse, air dry the cork bag and you should be good to go. You will see that cork bags are much more robust and easier to maintain than other materials.

How durable is cork fabric?

Cork products are  a natural, organic, sustainable material that is soft to the touch, feather light yet durable, fire resistant and waterproof. You will see that your cork bag or cork accessory still looks stunning after long time use. Cork material, as well as leather, will get softer with wear and tear.

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